Friday, 11 May 2018

Open Water Swimming at Elton Reservoir Bury

To register for open water swimming at Elton click here 

Bolton Tri Club are hosting open water swim sessions at Elton Sailing Club in Bury which start on 
Tue 15th May and run every Tuesday until 28th August 2018. You can swim anytime between 5 and 8 pm. There are changing rooms and hot showers. To save everyone time we ask people to register on-line beforehand - there will be no paper registration forms. It is £5 a swim or £3 for Bolton Tri Club members. For juniors it is £3 a swim or £2 for BTC members. But you can get free swims if you provide kayak safety cover for an hour.

We have monthly training aquathons with a choice of distances on 12th June, 17th July 14th August. For novice open water swimmers who want to improve their skills and confidence there will be coached sessions starting in June, watch this space for more details. Also catch us on Facebook search  for 'Open Water Swimming at Elton Sailing Club'.

Directions to Elton Sailing Club. Use this postcode if relying on SatNav BL8 2BR
If travelling down Bolton Road (A58) towards Bury turn right at the Wellington Pub into Kitchener Street signposted Elton Reservoir and Cygnet Hospital. 
At end of Kitchener St turn right into Buller Street. Turn left over a small bridge signposted Cygnet Hospital. Once over bridge bear right and down lane to Sailing Club.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Spinning Class 10 Minute Time Trial

On Monday night spin classes myself and Anthony do a mid-evening session between the two scheduled Les Mills sessions.

We have several people using the bike sessions as a warm up for runs, as a post run brick session or people doing a double spin session.

Now that we have a simple computer we can do brief time trials between sessions once a month. Last night we did the first one and this is the first set of results;

10 minute time trial

Name                           RPM minimum/gear chosen             Distance
Julia C                              95/11                                               5.1
John H                              95/14                                               4.8
Dave R                              99/13                                               5.1
Laurence J                        95/15                                               4.8
Rosalyn D                         90/13                                               5.3
Jennifer                             90/13                                               4.8
Kathryn                              90/11                                               4.8
Andy O                               102/14                                            5.2
Josh O                               94/10                                               4.4

The computer is pretty simple. However it does give you an opportunity to check progress by having a default higher gear each month. Keeping a record of distance per session/calories etc. I take my phone and screen capture my sessions.

Well done everyone for the effort. We'll do another one in May.

Friday, 13 April 2018

Friday Cycling Sessions

The aims of these sessions are to promote Cycle Confidence, Skills and Stamina

Adults - Want to develop your confidence and skills so you feel prepared to enter triathlons & duathlons or join rides out on the roads?
Juniors (min age 9) – do you also want to spend more time on your bike so you can ride stronger in junior series events?
Do you have a road bike or hybrid?

Then join us on the track at Leverhulme Park on Fridays  - £3/£2 a session

Confidence and Skills.

Each session we will spend 30 minutes on one of the following

·         Bike Maintenance

·         Using your gears

·         Practicing with cleats or toe clips

·         Drinking on the move

·         Group riding

·         Bike handling, corners, hills, stopping and starting

·         Triathlon transition

·         Bike Set up


Each session we will spend at least 30 minutes riding almost continuously using variety of activities to build up your cycling fitness and stamina. Examples of activities

4k/6k/8k/10k time trials - Russian Steps – Madison – Wipe out – Pursuits – Group riding – Chain gang

The coaching team is Stuart Carter, Rosalyn Dines, Peter Fry, Julia Coleman, Andy Taylor and Nina Carter so ask any of them for more information.

We respond to feedback and add sessions to meet members' specific needs. As the weather and light improves we also make use of the park for climbing and other skills. We look forward to seeing you there.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Rossendale Tri Preparation

Many club members have started their first events of the year and/or are preparing for their next one. The Rossendale Triathlon is on the last Sunday in May and it is part of our Grand Prix competition.

The bike route is hilly and worth practicing before you attempt it. Having completed it again this weekend, I think that it's worth passing on some advice and information on about the route. You don't need Strava or GPS to find your way round, it's pretty straightforward.

The route starts at Marl Pits Leisure Centre in Rawtenstall ( where there is plenty of parking and at the RU club next door. When you leave the leisure centre car park turn left and keep climbing until your reach a road called The Bridleway and turn left. Follow this to the end and turn left.

You now follow this road for about 4.5 miles just shy of a T-junction above Burnley. (You will pass the Hargreaves Arms and there are currently some road-works which may still be there). When you see the T-junction you turn sharply left and diagonally onto Crown Point Road. This road is a rolling set of 4 hills with some steep bits and some poor surfaces at the edges. There are 2 cattle grids at the top of two of the hills-the first is in good condition and has space to pass on the left; the second is currently in poor shape and you may need to dismount to get over it. I've reported it to the race organisers as they may be able to put boards over on the day.

At the end of CPR there is another left and another climb before a 3-4 mile descent back into Rawtenstall. On the day you will dismount before the lights in the town centre before the leisure centre turn and wheel your bike round the corner. If you are doing a recce turn left and climb back up to the leisure centre.

Friday, 30 March 2018

Farnworth Sat Session Timed Swim Results

To see the results from last Saturdays 400m and 200m timed swims and the ones done in Feb and Jan click here ​​

As you can see nearly every one improved their Critical Swim Speed (lactate threshold pace) which is given as a time for 100m. This is a measure of your swim fitness for longer swims (as in triathlon) and is the pace you can sustain aerobically (without going into your anaerobic system which you can't sustain for long)

I suggest we continue to do main sets designed to keep you at or just below this pace over 1.2 to 1.8 k (depending on your lane) for another 4 weeks and then time everyone again on 28th April.

Monday, 12 March 2018

2018 5k Run Time Trial Results

Results from the two Monday night 5k run time trials done so far this year - click here

Friday, 16 February 2018

Critical Swim Speed Results for Farnworth Swim

For a table showing each swimmer's Critical Swim Speed and their results from time trials on 6th Jan and 10th Feb  click here

There were some good improvements. Congratulations to the 3 most improved Zoe King, Craig Platt and Jimmy O'Dwyer who knocked 44, 21 and 13 seconds of their Critical Swim Speed (lactate threshold pace) per 100m

For the next 3 weeks we will continue to swim main sets where you sustain threshold pace with short rest intervals, then another medley session and and then time everyone again on 17th March. Well done everyone